About us

About us

Intelligent and dynamic accreditation systems

Since 2002, the EAS Group has established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent and dynamic accreditation systems.

The Accredit team have a wealth of experience in working with some of the worlds most renowned organisations to develop and implement accreditation systems and processes. With offices in the UK and the Middle East, the company has a global reach and has successfully delivered systems and projects around the world for organisations including The BRITS, Manchester City FC, Chelsea FC, RFU & Twickenham Stadium, Arsenal FC & Emirates Stadium, Hong Kong Sevens, National Football League (NFL), The England Wales Cricket Board (ECB), International Cricket Council (ICC), United Nations, British Fashion Council & London Fashion Week and many more.

Accredit Solutions was born out of our experience of providing registration and event accreditation services for high-security projects. Over the past 15 years, Accredit has evolved rapidly and has built a reputation for prioritising major event, venue and stadium security through effective accreditation. Accredit Solutions is now recognised as offering one of the most advanced accreditation platforms available globally.

Accredit offers a self-managed platform which offers users operational efficiency and the tools to confront and stay ahead of the latest security threats and is now the preferred choice for a wide range of major sporting events, stadiums and venues, as well government, political and live events around the globe. Whether you are accrediting one hundred or one million people, Accredit can be scaled and tailored to your requirements.

As security threats have continued to multiply in the past decade, externally from criminal and terrorist groups, and internally via the insider threat. It has never been more important to understand who has access to your events, venues and stadium and to make sure that all necessary documents are collected and kept up to date, as well as controlling where the individual can access once approved.

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