Accreditation services

Accreditation services

Securing your major events, venue and stadiums

When planning any major event, whether it’s a sporting tournament, a government or political function, or live event, it is essential that you know who is in your venue or venues at all times. Not only must you counter the potential threat of terrorist attacks or criminal activities onsite, but you must also mitigate a wide range of other security threats. The most common form of threat that is largely overlooked is personnel security. Keeping track of visitors, staff and multiple contractors can be a challenging and labour-intensive business, but failure to do so can be far more costly, both in terms of financial and reputational loss. Organisers risk fines per member of staff or contractor illegally employed unless they can show they have done everything in their power to vet them. Accredit has been designed to ensure you always know who is in a venue or at an event at any given time, while simultaneously providing a more efficient accreditation experience.

Meeting your requirements

Accredit provides you with a flexible, dynamic and intelligent solution through which you can run your major event, venue and stadium accreditation. Accredit is fully scalable, and can be used for accrediting anywhere between one hundred and one million people. It not only delivers highly secure event accreditation for all staff and contractors, but also allows you to apply levels of accreditation across groups or zones of the venue or stadium. The result is more effective access control to all parts of your event and venue, as well as the capability to build a secure database of all contractor and staff profiles and information, together with a record of their activities on site.

Streamlining your accreditation

With Accredit Solutions, the accreditation of visitors, staff and contractors is centralised in a single secure database. This can hold photographic evidence of all right-to-work documents, passports, visas and media mastheads, as well as any required certification such as security licences. Clients can also set additional requirements, such as criminal records checks for high-risk areas. Trials have demonstrated that significant time savings of up to 90% can easily be achieved by cutting out the manual labour elements of the accreditation process.

Through our vast experience of working across venue, stadiums and supplying event accreditation Accredit Solutions are not only a supplier of the software but are able to offer consultancy as part of our service to insure a robust accreditation plan is formed and rolled out.

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