System features

System features

Accredit is a secure centralised system for all those working within accreditation for major events, venues or stadiums. It offers a single database to run unlimited events at single or multiple venues and sites, for all internal and external departments, using a single data entry point. The self-managed multi-lingual solution features a wide range of advanced, intelligent features which set it apart from other accreditation systems on the market. Some of the key functionality includes:


Badges can be produced within the system application in either batch or single production modes. Batch mode will generate one mass print file of all approved badges, which is ideal if you want to prepare or mail your badges out before the event. Authorised individuals, either on or offsite, can also print badges from any high quality laser jet printer. The Accredit system allows for unlimited badge types and templates.

Communications suite

Accredit has a template-based module which allows you to send personalised mass communications via email and SMS. These messages can be sent to groups or individuals in either a bulk or single-message formats, and a full audit trail allows you to see when and by whom the message was sent. The suite automates the invitation, acceptance, rejection or “more information” process for documents, and can also send automatic reminders to alert applicants when documents are due to expire and inform them they need to submit new ones.

Group accounts

Accredit allows you to create and edit separate group accounts for each stakeholder – such as security, catering or maintenance – and assign a single point of contact within that group. This group account administrator can then import, send invites or enter personnel information and control their own allocation of passes and zone restrictions within the account. Administrators are able to allocate a set number of passes per client or organisation group, and are able to monitor their usage in real time. You can also use the admin portal interface to increase or decrease the number of passes available at any time.

Multiple application types

Accredit allows you to set up unlimited application types within the system, such as “Press”, “Catering”, “Security”, “Contractors”, “Teams”, or “Players”, to include and categorise all personnel involved in an official capacity within the venue or event. You can also set physical zones based on application types, or even for each individual person. Through these multiple applications types you can then define and store records of all information or documents required for each applicant type. These include permits to work, visa, passports, security licenses, ID photographs and any other supporting documents required.

Access Control

Built for stadiums, tournaments, and major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, Accredit’s Mobile Access Control solution (AMAC) connects directly with the Accredit system and allows for real-time scanning, approval, and rejections on the spot.

With secure logins users can quickly setup their devices to pre-configured security areas to check for pass validity, zones/access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross check photos, names and pass types in real-time.

 AMAC is highly efficient and pulls relevant data including name, organisation, accreditation status, and photograph from the Accredit Platform and checks for pass validity, zones/access level permissions, date and time restrictions, as well as cross checking photos, names and pass types in real-time.

Press and media accreditation

Accredit has its own dedicated portal for press, media, and broadcasters that allows your internal or external PR team to manage all their access requirements, not only at an individual event but also on an ongoing basis. Press, media and broadcasters can set up accounts through an easy-to-use online form. They then complete their registrations, upload credentials and select which events they wish to attend and in what capacity. Once in the system, your team can accept, request more information or reject them, grant them access to various zones in the event and communicate with them through the in-built Accredit communications suite. Press, media and broadcasters are issued with their own secure and zoned photo badges granting them access to their specific areas of the event. 


Accredit includes a vehicle access module which allows you to control which vehicles your applicants can bring into the venue, and can therefore streamline your vehicle access and car parking system. The VAAPS module works by assigning an allocation of vehicle passes to each account. Account holders are then able to apply for vehicle passes by registering the vehicle details (including brand, license number and vehicle type). Once an application is made, you can approve or reject an application and assign appropriate access levels and load/unload times.