Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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The client

Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation, UK.

The brief

In March 2012, EAS was contacted by the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation concerning the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee event which would take place on the River Thames in 2012. The Pageant would be the most ambitious river event ever staged, with more than 1,000 boats parading up the Thames along with the Queen’s Spirit of Chartwell. The challenge that the foundation faced was how to accredit more than 40,000 individuals who would be either on the boats or on the bridges under which the Spirit of Chartwell would pass.

The outcome

With little time to spare and working closely with the Foundation and the London Metropolitan Police Marine Unit, EAS set up the full online accreditation system to immediately start taking applications for accreditation. In addition, EAS brought in a team of data experts who were charged with migrating legacy paper applications into the online version of Accredit. Prior to the event, it was EAS’s responsibility to distribute the 40,000 accreditation passes to the applicants, both through the mail and onsite at the Strand in the week leading up to the Pageant. On the day, EAS worked closely with the river police and Imperial Wharf where the Pageant’s VIPs and Royal Family were boarding their boats. The entire project was a resounding success and EAS takes great pride in being a part of such a monumental event.