The Rugby Football Union (RFU) & Twickenham Stadium

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) & Twickenham Stadium

The Rugby Football Union is the national governing body for grassroots and elite rugby in England, with 2,000 autonomous rugby clubs in its membership.

Organiser's Requirement

The RFU had a requirement to streamline their accreditation processes, create operational efficiency and increase security for all events run at Twickenham Stadium. 

They were running their match day, concerts and special events accreditation for contractors as well as media primarily on spreadsheets and emails. This process was very unsecure and labour intensive as there was no ability to re-use data from one event to the next and dealing with so much data without a central database meant that the accreditation and badging process took almost a week. 


Accredit worked with the RFU to capture their requirements for accrediting contractors and media staff in one central database and implemented a system to allow the RFU to capture the information and documents required whilst sharing the workload through the Accredit group account functionality. 

All the results from the group account functionality feed into a central database for approval and once approved allowed for RFU to print the badges from the system.

In addition, Accredit allowed for the Media to be able create online accounts, their account was then verified by the RFU, and once approved they could then select which events they wished to attend and cover, request parking permissions, and request specific technical amenities which were needed to fulfil their jobs. The RFU Media Team were then able to accredit those media on a match by match basis and grant or deny their request and communicate with the media through the communications portal within the system. 

Key points

After implementing Accredit, the accreditation process and badge printing was reduced to an average of half a day across all the RFU events.  

Accredit works with the Fortress access control system by a file share of valid passes for each match allowing staff, contractor and to access via the stadiums turnstiles. 

Accredit has been used at hundreds of events at Twickenham Stadium including all England Rugby matches played in the Stadium (except for the World Cup), dozens of concerts, and various other sporting and entertainment events including the NFL games in 2016.