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What can we learn from those now running events?

Freddie FitzGerald
By Nicola Greenaway-Fuller 29 April 2021
Things have changed this month. On my weekly zoom calls with the team, there is suddenly talk of badge designs, system tests, printer checks, scanner deliveries, client training… 

The team is busy, the to-do lists are growing, and all of the event scenarios we’ve been working through with clients are being replaced with confident plans for real, live, events.   

In Australia, the National Basketball League and Cricket Australia have been running sporting fixtures up and down the country for some months now. Earlier this month, we powered accreditation for the BAFTA’s at the Royal Albert Hall, and in a few weeks time, we’ll be supporting the UK’s BRIT Awards when they host a 4,000-strong audience at London’s O2 Arena. 

Spread all over the world, our clients have different regulations to adhere to, and varying levels of COVID-19 risk and protocols to deal with. But those now lucky enough to be hosting events have done so safely, confidently and efficiently, by using their accreditation procedure to do the hard work for them. 

Cricket Australia’s 2020/21 season has involved over 16o matches in seven states and has welcomed thousands of fans in the process. They have implemented an impressive 2-step accreditation process. Step one involves accreditation registration as we know it, and step two delivers daily entry permissions.  

They have replaced entry bar codes on accreditation passes with personalised QR codes, which staff scan to complete a daily biosecurity questionnaire. The user then receives an entry bar-code via SMS if their screening questions passed the assessment. To speed up the induction process, they have also embedded an instruction video into the accreditation system. Staff must watch until the end and agree to T’s and C’s before being granted entry. 

Other clients have adapted their procedures by introducing venue zones with strict capacities and access control to record staff movements and manage social distancing. Some have started to use dynamic rules to assess risk and automate entry permissions to be more efficient, and others are preparing for the eventuality of collecting vaccine information. 

Those sports clubs, event organisers and venues hosting major events safely and efficiently now, are those that have the procedures and partners in place to prove to the authorities, workforce and participants, that they can host a secure event.   

Towards the end of 2020, Accredit Solutions was awarded a substantial grant by the UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund to fast-track the development of Accredit-GO; pandemic response and health tracking software that many of our clients are now rolling out to be ready for the return of live events. 

I can’t wait to get myself back into stadiums, arenas, conference centres and festivals. So many people are desperate to attend live events again. Let’s learn from those doing it right, let’s make them work. 
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