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Accredit-GO and COVID-19 Tools

Accredit Solutions, has been awarded a substantial grant by the UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund to complete development of Accredit-GO; pandemic response and health tracking software that sports clubs, venues and live events around the world, can use to operate in closed door, limited capacity or business-as-usual scenarios in a safe and sustainable manner.

Accredit-GO has been developed as an extension of Accredit’s award-winning accreditation platform. Those using the software can now ensure their staff and contractors are safe to be in their workspace by inviting them to submit medical and travel information before they attend shifts; submit health passports or vaccination certificates; implement dynamic rules to assess risk, automate entry permissions and e-passes; manage capacities by controlling access; and implement track and trace by recording exactly who, where and when, someone has been in their space.

Accreditation health tools funding by Innovate UK

How we can help you.

  • Collect health data

  • Issue vaccine passports

  • Daily health questionnaires

  • Track & trace with access control

  • Invitations and notifications

  • Manage capacities

  • Record test results

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