Platform add-ons

Platform add-ons

Need a helping hand? Here is a list of additional services that Accredit Solutions can provide. 

Please note: additional costs apply, and not all add-ons can be used on the SWIFT and PRO packages due to platform format. 

Icons-01-(1).pngMedia Portal

Manage Accreditation for media professionals who are applying to attend your event. Provide your applicants with a personalised process with an individual log in to a user account, the opportunity to register their personal and organisation information, upload multiple documents such as a copy of a passport and a letter of assignment for review. Provide a selection of events or matches to be applied for, authorise and reject applications based on your media priority list. Send automated customised notifcations and mailings to those registered with joining instructions, event and media information on media Accreditation collection and onsite processes. More. 
Not available on Accredit Swift

Icons-02.pngAccess Control App

Use the Accredit Access Control App to manage access onsite at your event(s). Use the app to distinguish whether an individual has the right privileges to enter the event with an approve/ decline display. Use the app to timestamp arrivals into scanning locations with the option of using different access control materials to deliver operations througn barcode, QR code or Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) scanning, Combine the App with other 3rd party technologies to deliver for your event. 
Not available on Accredit Swift

Icons-03.pngDevelopment Work

Due to event specific requirements, there can often be the need for an Accreditation platform to deliver in a specific way that is unique from any other approach. Accredit Solutions provides clients the opportunity to implement bespoke development into the platform to meet the needs of their unique requirements. We will assess the request and estimate the time and cost to implement the into the existing system. 


Accredit 365

Use Accredit 365 to help Facilities, Maintenance, and Health & Safety Managers improve day to day operational efficiency, safety and security when contractors need access to a venue. Using Accredit 365 allows you to process maintenance jobs efficiently; ensure your contractors are compliant; and ensure workers have the right access to your facility at the right times - not just on match-day, or during events, but every day of the year. More. 

Icons-05.pngApplication Program Interface (API)

Use an API to push and receive data from another platform into or out of the Accredit system. For example send data to third party providers for securtiy vetting authorisation or receive data from a workforce platform pushing individual application data to the Accreditation system to add Accreditation specific information to the individual record. The Accredit Solutions team will assess your requirements and provide a quote on what is possible and the cost and effort required is to deliver. 
Not available on Accredit Swift

Icons-06.pngConsultancy and Auditing

Through the Accredit Solutions’ team of professionals, we offer consultancy and auditing services on Accreditation projects and events. Through our years of expertise across several sporting disciplines and major events our team are able to assess your current environment, provide evaluation reports and make clear recommendations on how to progress your Accreditation operations highlighting the tools and processes that can help you achieve further success. More. 

Icons-07.pngOnsite Event Support

Implementing Accreditation into your event(s) for the first time? Taking a new approach to Accreditation for your event and need additional support? Book an Accredit Solutions’ professional to join you and your team onsite to assist in delivering Accreditation operations for your event. Our team of professionals have several years of event experience in Accreditation and is always happy to get involved to help deliver a successful event.
Not available on Accredit Swift

Icons-08.pngBespoke Badge Designs

Accredit Solutions offers Accreditation designs as part of our service. Whether you are looking to have a personalised Accreditation design that meets your brand guidelines or to ensure all the relevant information is displayed in a professional way for use at your event.  
Not available on Accredit Swift

Icons-09.pngMaterials and Equipment

Accredt Solutions has a range of access to different materials and equipment used for Accreditation projects. Whether you are looking to procure or hire Accreditation printers for quick or large scale Accreditation badge production or use specific badge material that is large in size or can go the distance for an event over a long duration, Accredit Solutions can offer it all. 

Type of materials include badge material (Paper, PVC etc), Lanyards, Wristbands, Bibs, Vests, Security stickers and much more. 

Equipment includes Accreditation Printers, Access Control barcode, QR Code and RFID scanning and more information technology requirements.
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