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We provide award-winning credentialing platforms for high-profile sports teams, championships, management companies, award ceremonies, entertainment venues and stadiums all over the world. Clients use the Accredit Platform to make their credentialing process faster and smarter - both enhancing operational efficiency and improving the security of their fans, team, staff and venue.

Now fully operational in the USA, Accredit Solutions is thrilled to be working with the New York City Marathon and New York Jets, and is looking forward to speaking with other operational and security professionals to demonstrate how the Accredit Platform is re-writing the credentialing rulebook.

Accredit Solutions is a technology business with a sole focus on credentialing. It’s all we do and we’re really good at it...

  • Championships and competitions 
  • Stadiums 
  • Event and venue management companies 
  • Game days 
  • Political rallies
  • A-list award ceremonies 
  • Concerts and festivals 
  • College sports  
  • One-off sporting events 
  • ​Sports leagues

An end-to-end credentialing system - data in, data interrogated, and printed badges out.

“Accredit are streets ahead.”

80,000+ capacity Stadium Event Manager 

The world’s most intuitive and powerful credentialing platform.
Yet so simple to use.

See what the Accredit Platform can do in this simple infographic.

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Get one version of the truth - know exactly who is in your venue and stop them accessing restricted areas.

“We have worked hard to develop a pioneering accreditation procedure and the Accredit platform is the cornerstone of that. At a glance we can see who is going to be in the stadium at any one time.”

Premier League Soccer Club

Accreditation: Credentialing Evolved

And it’s what some of the most famous and progressive sports clubs, leagues, stadiums and event organisers in the world are doing today. Accreditation is an end-to-end solution that collects data and interrogates it to produce credentials. It automates and simplifies labour intensive tasks. It improves operational efficiency and security. It saves time and money. And it takes the headache away. 

Do you always know who is entering your stadium, venue or event through the back door? The Accredit Platform can tell you.

If the security of your fans, contractors and colleagues is paramount, but you wish you could spend less time managing the credentialing process, Accredit Solutions can help.