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So you’re planning a major event. Regardless of your industry, the number of attendees, or the size of your venue, your reputation – and possibly the future success of your organisation – rests on the security, efficiency and flexibility of your accreditation system. But how do you select the right system for your event? We take a look at the top five features that every high-quality accreditation solution should include:

1. A secure, centralised personnel database

At the core of any accreditation system should be a single, secure database of every visitor, staff member and contractor who will be onsite. While many systems focus solely on visitor accreditation, the highest risk of a security breach comes from staff or contractors – the so-called “insider threat”. A quality accreditation database will allow you to build and maintain a profile on every individual, automatically ensuring they have provided the correct documentation and necessary certifications.

2. Personnel document upload capability

Organisers risk severe reputational damage and huge fines for hiring illegal, unqualified or undocumented personnel. Your accreditation system must be capable of storing digital copies of all right-to-work documents, passports and visas, as well as any required certification such as security licences. Clients should also be able to set additional requirements, such as criminal record checks for high-risk areas.

3. Real-time access control with instant pass cancellation and tracking

Staff, contractor and visitor badges should be produced from within the system and should feature a unique barcode ID of each applicant within the database. Your integrated access control system should then allow you to track, replace or deactivate existing passes in real-time, allowing you to respond rapidly to developing security situations.

4. Scalable, multi-zonal access control

As your event grows and becomes more complex, you will need an accreditation system that can evolve too, allowing you to process 100 or one million visitors. It should also allow you to apply graded levels of accreditation to different individuals or groups of staff or visitors, depending on their needs, security clearance or status. And by setting date and time perimeters for venue zones in real-time, you should be able to control and monitor access across the entire venue.


A well-designed vehicle access module (VAPPS) will allow each visitor to apply for a pass through their account by entering their vehicle details (including brand, license number and vehicle type). Once an application is made, you can approve or reject an application and assign appropriate access levels and load/unload times. This reduces the risk of unauthorised vehicles entering your venue, and ties each vehicle to a registered individual, adding an extra layer of security.

What to know more? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk through how to maximise the set-up of your accreditation process.

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