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Vetting and controlling the movements of staff and contractors around a venue as large and complex as a stadium can be a costly and time-consuming challenge, particularly in the run-up to an event or major tournament. But if personnel are subject to inadequate checks and controls, organizers run the risk of giving access to staff and contractors who do not have the right to work, or worse pose a security risk.

The system provides a central point for entering information for internal and external departments and is used to build profiles and retain a history of all individuals working within the venue, including documents, audit trail and work history. Not only does this significantly reduce the risk of a security breach, but also help avoid substantial fines and severe reputational damage for employing illegal workers. The effectiveness of the system was proved when it was deployed at various world-class stadiums across the globe such as The Emirates, SOFI, Kardinia Park, and Twickenham Stadium.

Clients who have used the Accredit Platform include:

Gillette Stadium
GEHA Field at Arrowhead
FirstEnergy Stadium
Kardina Park
London Stadium
SOFI Stadium
Twickenham Stadium
Victoria Racing Club
Wembley Stadium

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