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Marathons are unique events. Often spanning miles and miles of open space and can take over cities and towns when in full operation.

Creating an event from a non-conventional space presents challenges for the security and operations teams as there is no physical blueprint to work with. A crowded space has been created and it needs to be secured.

The event needs to be secured across multiple access points, across large distances, allowing for vehicle access whilst quite often taking into account viewing areas for VIP’s, the media and broadcast key positions and hubs and of course the important finish line which are all highly sensitive. Groups from security to media to the runners need to be accredited and access levels assigned to the operational role they perform, all whilst being able to be controlled through access control and real-time scanning.

The accredit system not only has the functionality to operate an effective accreditation process but using the mobile access solution can manage access on the ground, in any event, setting whether fixed or bespoke and can be set up with the flexibility to work offline allowing organisers to adjust to changes in plans and layouts without disrupting the general organisation and operation of the event.

Clients who have used the Accredit Platform include:

Boston Marathon
Chicago Marathon
London Marathon
New York Marathon

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