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Live events can present a huge logistical challenge, and as they are often televised all eyes really are on you.

Accreditation and access control is required in real-time across multiple zones and sites and for a wide variety of staff, contractors, security personnel, media, performers and award winners.

The process of managing all of this can add additional workload to your already busy workload and schedule.

Accredit can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, regardless of the scale, number or unconventional nature of the venue or events. To enhance security, databases of trusted contractors can be efficiently imported and vetted into the system, and passes can easily be printed.

In addition, Accredit offers you the capability to set access control zones, meaning accreditation for higher security areas such as dressing rooms or backstage areas can be limited to certain times or dates, or to specific groups. This flexibility and scalability across unusual venues led to Accredit being selected to secure many high profile events.

Clients who have used the Accredit Platform include:

British Film Institute
Dubai Airshow
FIFA eWorld Cup
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week Mens
Thames Diamond Jubilee

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