Accredit Media

A front-facing platform for media

You have a big event coming up and your media department is being inundated with requests from the media for access.

Accredit Media seamlessly links into your accreditation system creating a powerful, front-facing platform designed to facilitate quick and easy application and accreditation for the media.

The media create their accounts, providing all the information you need for your accreditation process, such as identification documents, letters from editors and photos. You can then quickly review their application and approve or reject their applications as required.

Ancillary requirements, like internet access and parking allocation, can also be captured. Dramatically reducing the administration burden on your media team.

The Media are able to track their application status in the portal, reducing their need to contact you directly.

You can add new events at any time, with the media able to register with existing details, removing the need to start a new registration process each time.

That’s not all! With our latest Position and Seating Plan module, now you can effortlessly create positioning arrangements and allocate designated desks for media and broadcast or map out VIP car parking spaces. This flexible solution allows for customised configurations, making it ideal for crafting bespoke plans for a variety of layouts, events, or venues.

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Key system features:

  • User-created accounts for multiple event applications, including both main events and individual events.

  • Customisable media approvals, including the ability to approve for main events and specific individual events.

  • Comprehensive registration fields for capturing accreditationdetails, supporting custom and standard documents.

  • Different event selection pages for various tournaments or event groups with unique branding.

  • Event visibility control based on user responses, including subcategories for versatile media roles.

  • Configurable Media Event Groups with different terms, emails, and parking options.

  • Application status tracking with automated email notifications for media users.

  • User-friendly account management, allowing media users to update profiles and manage attendance.

  • Admin control to hide events from specific media users.

  • Sending personalised emails (site instructions or schedules) to Media Members for instructions and schedules.

  • New Position and Seating Plan Module: Effortlessly design positioning arrangements, allocate designated media and broadcast desks, or map VIP car parking spaces. Customise configurations for diverse layouts, events, or venues.

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