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A front-facing platform for media accreditation

You have a big event coming up and your media department is being inundated with requests from the media for access.

Accredit Media seamlessly links into your accreditation system creating a powerful, front-facing platform designed to facilitate quick and easy application and accreditation for the media.

The media create their accounts, providing all the information you need for your accreditation process, such as identification documents, letters from editors and photos. You can then quickly review their application and approve or reject their applications as required.

Ancillary requirements, like internet access and parking allocation, can also be captured. Dramatically reducing the administration burden on your media team.

The Media are able to track their application status in the portal, reducing their need to contact you directly.

You can add new events at any time, with the media able to register with existing details, removing the need to start a new registration process each time.

Key system features:

  • A user-created account will allow for applications for multiple events during a single application process
  • Applications can be made for both a main event (i.e. tournaments) and individual events (i.e press briefing or game)

  • Media can be approved for main events but only some individual events – for example they might not be approved for the final

  • Can use all system registration fields to capture accreditation details

  • Custom documents for media such as multiple supporting documents or the ability to add multiple examples of work
  • Standard documents such as passports, visas and photos can be uploaded

  • Additional media fields such as Editor Details and Head office details can be used

  • Different tournaments or groups of events can have a different event selection page with specific branding

  • Whether events show can be controlled by questions, such as what team you are following?
  • Media can pick from subcategories as determined by the matrix so can be a reporter for one tournament and a radio broadcaster for another
  • Different Media Event Groups can be setup to use different terms and conditions, emails, email addresses and sender name

  • Media can select whether they need parking

  • Media users can track their application status in the portal for all upcoming events

  • Media users will receive an email when their application is approved or if more information is required

  • Media users can login to their account to add any additional details required and keep their profile up to date

  • Media can cancel their attendance at events or requirement of parking which feeds instantly into the admin area to ensure that media list is up to date

  • Admin users can hide events from certain media users
  • Bespoke emails can be sent to Media Members such as site instructions or schedules

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