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Accredit Access Control

You need to be able to control who has access, to what areas, and at what times. Additionally, you need a system that can dynamically adapt in real-time to changing situations.

Accredit Access Control seamlessly integrates into your access control infrastructure, whether through integrating with your existing scanning or turnstile provider or through our own dedicated access control tool.

Through Accredit Mobile Access Control, integrate seamlessly with your Accreditation platform, to give you the flexibility to add scanning points around your venue or event as required, ensuring only those with the required zones are able to enter and exit.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can change a single person’s access, or a group, with a click of a button, giving you complete control over your operations in a live and dynamic environment. Easily deployable in sites with fixed or temporary access points you can quickly adjust and adapt your operations in a live environment as your event evolves.

Accessed via barcode, QR code, or RFID the module can be utilised on any Android, IOS device, or dedicated scanners. A simple interface provides the operator with details on whether an entry is permitted and should the entry not be permitted provide additional information on why to assist with any dialogue.

The information provided in the scan screen aids the personnel who are scanning passes to:

  • Verify a genuine pass
  • Identify an individual comparing the system photo to the holder of the pass
  • Verification of the zones and/or privileges
  • Identify the cause for a rejection scan and direct the individual to the relevant location where required

Key system features:

  • Verify a genuine pass with a single scan

  • Access photos held on the system for closer identity verification

  • Verification of the zones and/or privileges associated with each individual

  • Quickly direct the individual to the relevant location when a rejection occurs

  • Access reports detailing all access control logged in the system

  • Integrates with your existing access control systems outside of the app

  • View a live feed of scanning at all zone entrances

  • Gain an instantaneous top level view of all activity

  • Affordable app technology – running on iOS and Android mobile phones or handheld devices

Accreditation badge scan


Equally as important as monitoring entry and exit is the ability to report live, during the event, and post-event, on who accessed each entry point. This could be as simple as knowing the number of staff who entered your stadium for a matchday, or how many stewards your contractor provided on matchday.

During the event, the platform provides you with live details of who has passed through a checkpoint into an access zone, vital if you have areas requiring higher levels of security.

All data is can be viewed on the integrated dashboard, or externally by exporting the data into your preferred programme allowing you to digest the information the way you want to.

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