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Accredit Electronic Access Control works on a variety of mobile scanning devices (including Apple and Android) and can be downloaded as an app to work on smartphone devices and tablets. The system is web based, any mobile device can be connected to WiFi or have 4G enabled in order to operate in any location on venue whether this be at the venue perimeter or inside at a secure zone.

This can be used at a fixed location with mobile device or laptop or integrated with turnstiles functionality if required. The Access Control is designed to be user friendly so staff can operate with ease and efficiency with limited training to operate the system onsite at events.

The Accredit Electronic Access Control scans a variety of different methods including QR Code, Barcode and RFID which can work with a variety of badge stock like Paper or PVC card. When an accreditation is scanned for an event, the system displays a result on screen with a real-time verification indicating whether the accreditation record is successful or failed. The results are represented by colour coding of a status to quickly identify the result. Red background with red cross for a failed scan or a green background with a green tick for a successful scan as shown opposite.

In addition to the colour coding results, the Accredit Electronic Access Control system can also display a reason for an unsuccessful scan enabling staff who are scanning to identify the reason for the rejection. Data displayed on the validation screen can be defined by clients showing data fields such as full name, organisation, role type, job title, photo, unique ID and QR Code/ Barcode number etc. Scanning of an accreditation can operate offline where required using the last batch files downloaded from the accreditation system to the local device to continue scanning and check against the data stored. Any new updates made to the accreditation system will not be reflected until internet connection is restored and the batch files updated with the most recent information. As the system is real-time all scan information is recorded in an audit log.

The information provided in the scan screen aids the personnel who are scanning passes to: 

  • Verify a genuine pass
  • Identify an individual comparing system photo to holder of pass
  • Verification of the zones and/or privileges
  • Identify the cause for a rejection scan and direct the individual to the relevant location where required
Access Control Screenshot


The reports provided by Accredit Electronic Access Control can include scan location, individual data, scan result, ingress or egress, date and timestamp, photo of the individual from the accreditation system etc. The system presents live scanned data in reports or dashboard layout which can be exported into excel format.

Accredit Electronic Access Control live dashboard provides the following:

  • Show all access control data logged into the system
  • Security or management team can view a live feed of scanning including customised information
  • Provide an instant top line level report of access control activity

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