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Fast-track event-by-event accreditation

Tired of printing matchday passes for every match? Would you like to know how many seasonal accreditation pass holders will attend your upcoming match?

Don’t know who is working in your venue on event day? Or how many car parking slots will be required? With Accredit Go, you save time and money and also gather the information you need to make your event a success.

Flexible and automated, Accredit Go allows you to run a fast-track event-by-event accreditation without the need for printing hundreds or thousands of event day passes. Accredit’s award-winning software, Accredit Go also provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to ensure you have all the important information you need prior to the event: Users can create and send tailored forms and questionnaires (dietary/accessibility/health/parking space requirements e.g.), automate entry permissions and send e-passes, manage capacities by controlling access, and implement track and trace by recording exactly who, where and when, someone has been in a space and acting on it in real time.

Accredit Go’s flexible structure also helps you build your organisation’s resilience for future crises by equipping you with all essential functionalities you need to address any health related (pandemic) regulatory requirements.

Key System Features:

  • Process seasonal accreditation passes on a game-by-game/day-by-day basis
  • Run fast-track match-by-match accreditation
  • Automated mapping to badges – shorten accreditation processing and ensure only the “right people” are in the right place
  • Control the capacities of specific zones and areas
  • Create and send tailored forms and questionnaires (dietary/accessibility/health/parking space requirements e.g.) to gather information prior to your event
  • Send reminders to your staff and contractors
  • Implement questions, Health & Safety or induction videos within registration form
  • Digital audit trail of data captured
  • Integration with Accredit Access Control

  • Works with smartphone devices

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