An accreditation
A credentialing
platform for every event

Your accreditation sits at the centre of all your events, and whether you need fundamental tools for registration, accreditation badge printing, or elite level requirements such as security vetting or access control integration, Accredit has the solution you need.

With Accredit’s platform you gain the ability to consolidate all information into one place, creating a single point of data entry and most importantly, a single source of the truth. With this at the heart it has never been easier to capture and integrate data from multiple sources ready for you to review and act upon it. You will easily be able to see who has provided the information, when it has been submitted and set the access rights on an individual basis. With flexibility built in to the core, you retain the ability to continue processing individuals right up to the moment the event kicks off.

Accredit Solutions offers a number of different packages to meet your needs whether you have a single event taking place through to a world championship tournament or sporting season.

Accreditation in action

Transform your accreditation

  • A central accreditation database offering a single source of the truth for all to refer to

  • End-to-end accreditation – gather the required data, process through vetting and produce the final badge. Data In to Badge Out

  • Reduce the workload on those responsible for accreditation by requesting information directly from those attending

  • Any last-minute changes are reflected in real-time

  • Manage all your access zones in one place and update them on the fly

  • Produce any form of accreditation from the system, any output to any technology utilising Barcodes, QR codes, or RFID

  • Utilise existing data to invite your database to new events saving time and cost. Helping you to create new events in a fraction of the time

  • Full control of the setup of your platform with easy access to make changes at any time without the need to contact external support

  • Monitor numbers in the lead-up to your event to see who has registered and who hasn’t

Professional accreditation tools to manage and deliver medium-scale venues and event accreditation.

Advanced level accreditation tools to manage and deliver large-scale venues/stadiums and event accreditation.

Solutions and integration capabilities to deliver unique, major-scale events, tournaments and competitions.

Simplify the complex processes of managing accreditations across multiple venues, leagues, teams or events.

The world’s most powerful accreditation platform – yet so simple to use

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