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Running multiple events for a sport or at times, multiple disciplines for one sport across the course of the year can be quite unique for the needs of federations and associations.

As the principle of the events which are run as part of their organisation but also in collaboration with local organising committees or country associations, there is a need to operate not just with a global strategy but also a localised strategy for accreditation.

An accreditation system is required to be a central hub for data management and information whilst adapting to the different requirements needed for running multiple events, differing in scale and in different countries.

Accredit has been designed to work simultaneously across multiple events groups, allowing for different forms, communications, vetting rules, multiple badge templates and media information to run concurrently without directly affecting one another. This can be coupled with the re-use of data from one event to another across different regions with such groups like broadcasters and media.

In addition, the system allows for multiple user levels to allow the federations and associations to maintain overall control of the accreditation process but for the operational staff on the ground to utilise the same system at a local level to carry out the operational aspects as needed.

Clients who have used the Accredit Platform include:

Basketball Australia
Cricket Australia
Cricket West Indies
England Rugby
The FA
Cricket West Indies Under 19s
International Cricket Council
International Skating Union
NBA Hall of Fame
New Zealand Cricket
New Zealand Rugby
PGA of America
Rugby Australia
Scottish Rugby
Royal British Legion
We are England Cricket
USA Basketball

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