Vehicle Accreditation Access Pass

Delivering seamless vehicle accreditation

A mismanaged vehicular access and parking lot can lead to your event being vulnerable to a security breach. Being able to control who has access, to what areas and at what times is crucial.

Adding a vehicle access control management system to your accreditation platform is a great way to facilitate frictionless vehicular access and management and also deter criminal and security incidents at your event. Vehicle Accreditation Access Pass (VAAPS) gives you full transparency on the vehicles present on your premises, reducing the burden on security and venue managers.

With its ability to work in any venue with fixed or temporary access points VAAPS allows the users to have total control over admission at entrances and other access points, giving real time access to vehicle access control and tracking entries and exits as they occur, with detailed activity logs for better auditing and reporting.  VAAPs also increases flexibility and efficiency – You can add different access levels onto each vehicle passes, granting access to different areas of your event zones or deny an access attempt or even limit the number of vehicles that can access the lot, whether for regulatory requirements, or for general crowd control.

Key System Features:

  • Collect information on vehicles including vehicle registrations, types, passenger details

  • Provide exportable reports of vehicles registrations for use in ANPR Systems or via the Accredit Get Data API.

  • Create a range of custom designed VAAPS for different vehicle types or zone types.

  • Control numbers of VAAPS allocated and available to each organisation.

  • Verify a genuine VAAP with a single scan.

  • Access photos held on the system for closer driver identity verification.

  • Collect driver contact details and use SMS features to send any messages (i.e., Move your vehicle).

  • Hold and verify drivers licences or permits.

  • Verification of the zones and/or privileges associated with each vehicle.

  • Access reports detailing all access control logged in the system.

  • Scan VAAP when used with Accredit Access Control

  • View a live feed of scanning at parking or access zone entrances when using the Access Control app.

  • Gain an instantaneous top-level view of all activity and which vehicles are in the spaces.

  • Send out digital VAPs to email addresses or Google / Apple wallet

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