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Events of all sizes need to be safe and secure. And now more than ever, you need to know who is in your space at all times. 

So whether you need fundamental tools for registration and credential badge printing, or elite level requirements such as security vetting or use of an Application Program Interface (API), we have an credentialing platform to suit your needs.

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Secure Your Venue

Gain complete control on who you allow into your venue, when they are allowed in and what areas they can access.

Streamline your administration

Reduce administrational burden

Streamline the time and cost for credentialing your staff and contractors.

Educate your team

Better education for your team

Ensure your entire team are fully up to date on the latest processes and procedures for working at your event before they step foot onsite.

Reduce health risks to your event

Reduce Health Security Risk

Minimize the health risk to all staff and contractors with daily health updates and checks.


Whether you need fundamental tools for registration and credential badge printing, or elite level requirements such as security vetting or use of an Application Program Interface (API),  Accredit has every solution you need to control access and know who is in your space at all times.

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Accredit Pro

Manage events with a complete end-to-end accreditation process from data capture, through the accreditation process to badge printing, producing any form of accreditation you require from simple badges through to wristbands and RFID passes.

Accredit Advanced

Manage large venues & events or multi-event groups such as sporting or concert seasons. With Accredit Advanced you can quickly add new events to your platform and manage the accreditation for large numbers of events, all through a single platform.

Accredit Elite

For mega-events, championships or leagues that require the ultimate in accreditation. Accredit Elite can manage huge numbers of accreditation across multiple venues or teams, making the process of capturing, tracking and accrediting the required individuals as simple as possible.


International Cricket Council – Accreditation for international tournaments

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the world governing body for cricket, and is responsible for the organisation and governance of cricket’s major international tournaments.

The ICC required a supplier that could handle supplying more than just the accreditation system, but had experience in managing an end-to-end accreditation project. In addition the supplier needed to have the experience of delivering successful multi-venue events in different regions of the world.

Read our case study to see how we engaged with the ICC to understand the full set of requirements, develop the right approach to meet those requirements and ultimately deliver a complete end-to-end accreditation service.

Read the case study

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