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Accredit Solutions provides you with the end-to-end project delivery for your major events. We pride ourselves on working alongside you to deliver your events on time and to budget.

Our end-to-end delivery is implemented through an experienced project manager to work with your organisation and delivery team to produce an operational plan that outlines the project timeline of key activities and milestones to be delivered as part of the project. As part of the plan, policies and procedures, designs, access control mapping and operational implementation is just a few of the areas which the operational plan covers.

Accredit Solutions with its unlimited access to accreditation professionals from around the world, can recruit the required team to work on any project. This team delivers the operational plan by engaging with stakeholders, providing documentation and training on the accreditation process and how to use the Accredit platform. Manage data collection and communicate with them on any troubleshooting, risks, and issues in preparation for the event.

Accredit will also provide the staff as part of the event period to produce and distribute accreditation to all personnel to ensure access is managed in accordance with the plan. Accredit can also design and procure accreditation materials including different types of accreditation passes, lanyards and other materials using a reliable source of suppliers which are used to support our clients around the world. We ensure your project, professionally managed.

Your project professionally managed

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