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The credentialing Audit

The credentialing audit is an objective evaluation of a company’s credentialing process and is designed to help an organization understand the impact of their current practices on security, safety and operational efficiency. The outcome is a written report by one of our credentialing specialists and will highlight any areas for improvement to ensure that future procedures are following best-practice guidelines.

Areas to be evaluated include:

  • The big picture
    Who is being given access and why? How are access zones defined and how does access control work?

  • The credentialing team
    Who is involved in thecredentialing process and who owns the procedure?

  • The credentialing process
    How are data and files collected and managed? How are software systems set up? How are requests approved? How are communications made?

  • Staff screening
    What do you currently know about staff and workers entering your event? How are contractors being managed?

  • Badge production
    What is the badge design? How are badges printed and distributed?

  • What happens to accreditation
    When venue use changes, new tenants host events, or multi-venue competitions take place

Our experience

Accredit Solutions employs some of the world’s leading experts in accreditation and credentialing with decades of global experience on the world’s biggest and most complex events. Headquartered in London, with additional offices in Dubai, Melbourne and North Carolina, Accredit Solutions service clients around the world and have current projects running from New York to New Zealand.

The recent appointment of Edwin Saayeng in London as Director of Major Events & Operations, follows the appointment of another credentialing and project management master by Accredit Solutions – Callum Green in Dubai. Between them, they have managed credentialing teams, defined credentialing procedures and installed credentialing systems for some of the world’s largest and most challenging events, including the Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Olympic and Paralympic Games and UEFA Champions League. Together, they bring a broad and deep understanding of the credentialing procedure from the point of view of the client.

What the team now brings is a level of experience and knowledge that can make a real difference to our clients. It means we can evaluate, collaborate, share knowledge and innovate at the highest level. We understand the pain points, and know how to take them away.

Credentialing is all we do, and we love it.

What is the benefit of an audit?

When credentialing is done badly, the consequences can be grave. Credentialing managers are tearing their hair out grappling with yet another spreadsheet of staff from the catering contractor. Background checks aren’t made on workers. Temporary staff roam freely because access zones aren’t used. And badges are easily forged. Security is compromised, operations is inefficient, legal requirements are ignored, and the credentialing team is stressed.

But a robust end-to-end credentialing procedure will stop all of that.

For further information on a credentialing audit for your venue or event, please send us a quick enquiry via the form below.

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