Built with a range of sectors in mind

The Accredit system can be configured to any project or event that operates or needs

an accreditation
a credentialing
process, it is designed for use across a wide range of sectors: 

Stadiums, Arenas & Venues

Vetting and controlling the movements of staff and contractors.

Competitions & Tournaments

and access control in real time across multiple sites and personnel.

Clubs & Leagues

built for game-by-game scenarios.

Event Management Agencies

Flexible solutions that can be applied on an event by event basis.

Award Ceremonies & Live Events 

A system built to answer the needs of unique venues and events.

Government Events

Multi-level vetting and enhanced security through integrations with external security databases.

Federations & Associations

A single location for all data, zoning requirements, documents and flexible forms.


and access control for outdoor large events.

Festivals & Concerts

Ensuring you protect the event and the talent from malicious actors, health threats and illegal activities.

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