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Recurring events have the need of continually needing to repeat the process of credentialing staff, contractors and media week in week out.

Getting data into a system, assigning roles and zoning privileges, communications, approvals and creating passes. The Accredit Platform was built specifically with clubs and leagues in mind and cuts down on the arduous task of getting data into a system and producing passes by delegating the heavy lifting to those organizations who are bringing people into the event.

With their dedicated portal, responsible organizations are able to register, invite, upload the data, and reuse the data on a game by game basis saving hundreds of hours of administration time throughout the season.

You still retain control of that data and who gets in but with the portal, you’re unburdened by the administration leaving you to focus on what’s most important, making sure you know who is in your space and why.

Clients who have used the Accredit Platform include:

Arsenal Football Club
Boston Celtics
Brentford Football Club
Chelsea Football Club
Cleveland Browns
Eintracht Frankfurt
Edinburgh Rugby
Eintracht Frankfurt
Fulham Football Club
Glasgow Warriors
Kansas City Chiefs
Manchester City Football Club
New England Patriots
New York Giants
New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
West Ham United Football Club

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