Accredit Pro

Professional accreditation tools to manage and deliver medium-scale venues and event accreditation.

Secure log In for Administration users

Accredit Pro provides a dedicated secure log in page to all users of the system. The log in page can be branded to your specifications’ look and feel with use of a high resolution image to represent the event. In addition, to boost security, Accredit Pro provides a standard forgotten password button for those who have misplaced their password.

User Licences

User licences allow your event administrators the ability to access the system simultaneously should there be a need for multiple staff to be operating at the same time regardless of location or time zone. As the system is web based, any changes to data within the system will be made in real time and updated instantly.

User Roles

Accredit Pro allows you to manage user permissions for your event. User roles can consist of full system access as an Event Administrator, limited access for actions to be performed within the system such as report generation and badge printing, restricted access by type such a media or view data only permissions for general staff.

Event Set Up

As part of your use of Accredit Pro, Accredit Solutions will work with you to set up all your events within the system on launch. Our team will ensure that your privilege matrix is set, event specific information is ready to go, responsible organisations are loaded with your event roles and zones are configured so that when your applications begin to arrive into the system, the right role and zones are assigned automatically. Future events can be set up in a matter of seconds using the clone event functionality by the user.

Responsible Organisations

Accredit Pro provides you with dedicated responsible organisation portals  for your stakeholders to register and manage data for your event(s) in one place through a defined registration process. Register Accreditation data manually, by invite, or through import tool mapping your photos to an applicant’s data and supporting documents. Review submitted information and set for approval or cancel applications to ensure accurate registration  data,  , once the data is collected there is the benefit to register the data for event after event at a click of a button.

Search Functionality

Use Accredit Pro to review any applications made for your event. Search and sort by a range of fields including name, event role, registration status and use the save filter function to store your regularly used data settings. Review, enter, update information, run quality assurance on your photos and documents and carry our your data review using the automated communication triggers as you work your way through the accreditation process.

Automated and Custom emails and SMS

Use Accredit Pro to send invitations for registration, automated accreditation status or customised notifications to applicants.

Reports and Export data

Set up customised reports to review data within the Accredit Pro system. Use the reporting tool to create reports to look at all or select range of data fields. Export all the data received for your event into an excel spreadsheet. Customise the export to review, report and verify information.

Accreditation Printing and Electronic Passes

Accredit Pro provides you the opportunity to bring printing Accreditation in-house and reduce/ remove the costs required with using a printing provider/ supplier. Whether you wish to print your accreditation badges or vehicle passes individually or all in bulk, the decision is yours. Accredit Pro supports an unlimited number of badge designs and can output to any badge type and hardware of your choosing, as well as utilising your choice of technology including barcode, QR code to RFID. Accredit Pro also produces electronic passes which can be emailed or saved to Apple or Google wallets.

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