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Including an awesome team of product developers, account managers and security advisors, Team Accredit is thrilled to have been shortlisted to win the Innovation in Safety & Security Award at the upcoming World Stadium Congress in Amsterdam.

Innovation should make processes faster, cheaper and more effective, and the Accredit Platform has been shown to decrease operational hours spent on accreditation and credentialing by up to 90%.

Here are 7 product innovations that our clients love

Great looking badges

The Accredit system allows for unlimited badge templates and can print in batch mode and single production mode. Badgestock is paper-based, removing the need for costly plastic badges and can feature security elements to prevent forgery including micro-printing, holograms and UV ink. Badges can also be printed on any good quality laser printer, so there is no costly replacement of hardware.

Automated communications to stop manual intervention

Accredit has a template-based communications suite to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on manual intervention. Users set up automated communications via email or SMS to accept or reject accreditation applications, request security or ID documents, and send reminders when documents are due to expire.

Group accounts for contractors to upload information

Accredit allows users to create separate group accounts for contractors – such as catering, security or maintenance – and assign group managers to import data, send accreditation invitations, enter personnel information and control an allocation of passes. No more chasing contractor information via email or dealing with multiple spreadsheets and accreditation systems.

Multiple application types pay attention to detail

Accredit allows users to set up unlimited application types such as “Press”, “Catering” or “Players”, create bespoke accreditation forms for each group, and define and store the required documentation and physical access zones for each category.

Mobile Access Control for rapid approvals

Accredit’s Mobile Access Control Solution allows for real-time remote scanning via a mobile app to quickly approve or reject entry for accredited staff at any entry check-point. Users can check pass validity, access permissions, date and time restructions and cross-check documents through a mobile phone.

Photo viewing tool to save time

This innovative platform allows users to view, edit and re-size photos in an efficient way. Photos can be approved, or rejected with an email including instructions on how to submit a photo in the correct format.

Contact Manager to get the complete picture

The Contact Manager dashboard is used to review the status of the entire database at a glance. Allowing users to view the number of accreditations, approve or change statuses, print passes, appoint access zones, control parking allocations and broadcast email or SMS communications with a click, the Contact Manager offers a single screen from which to manage the entire accreditation procedure.

For the last 15 years, Accredit Solutions has helped stadium and venue operators around the world to completely overhaul the way they operate their accreditation to improve operational efficiencies, security and safety to protect their venue, event and members of the public.

The Accredit platform is self-managed, fully scalable and integrates with existing access control systems to provide a highly innovative and GDPR-compliant way to collect data, store documentation, set access controls and produce accreditation passes.

The last 12 months has seen the accredit platform process over 2.1 million accreditations for major Premier League Football Clubs, The Rugby Football Union, New Zealand Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, BRIT Awards, London Fashion Week, and the International Cricket Council to name a few.

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