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Your marketing team need them to reflect brand guidelines and your security team need the ID and access permissions to be clear. A correctly designed badge that contains anti-counterfeit measures and the right information will give your contractors, staff and media efficient access to your event and help keep illegal workers, ticket fraudsters and potential criminals out.

  1. Branding. Badges are the gateway to your event, so you want them to look good. Make sure there is room for your logo and try to incorporate brand colours where possible.
  2. Photo. A quick and easy way for your security team to check whether a person is who they say they are.
  3. Credentials. Make sure there is sufficient space to print someone’s name, plus job title and company if required.
  4. Badge type. Different groups of people will have different privileges, so add an icon or a colour strip to signify whether someone is media, a VIP, or part of the catering team.
  5. Access permissions. Whether it’s a green dot to signal backstage access, a dinner plate icon to get into the kitchens, or an initial to indicate a specific access zone, make sure access permissions are clear on the badge.
  6. Unique ID. Hide a unique ID number for every person in a bar code, QR code or RFID chip and a quick scan at your access control points will instantly tell you if that pass is valid, and whether that person can gain entry into a specific area of the event.
  7. Anti-counterfeit measures. The addition of a hologram, black light ink, micro printing or thermal ink make it very difficult for anyone to forge a badge or ticket.

Other things to consider:

  • Include something on the back – a venue map, emergency plan, terms and conditions or event schedule is useful and makes it harder for someone to forge.
  • Use large badges to make the ID of photos and access zones easy for your security team.
  • Keep new designs confidential to decrease any opportunity for forgery.

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