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If your team plays games in a mega sized stadium, accreditation is a big deal. It gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the right people are at the right place and your stadium, event and game days are safe from insider threat. And yet, it’s not just about security — it’s about efficiency. Accreditation can help you streamline your processes, reducing the amount of time spent dealing with adhoc email requests, unlimited spreadsheets, or endless paperwork and data entry. Especially when you are working with multiple teams or venues, a secure accreditation platform can make all the difference to the success of your games and events.

However, the use of different accreditation platforms by different teams or organisations, even across leagues or venue groups can lead to inconsistencies in the implemented security measures and the accreditation process not being followed.

That’s where Accredit MULTI comes in.

Bringing league, federation and multivenue accreditation to a whole new level, Accredit MULTI allows organisations to manage multiple events, teams and venues all through a single platform and standardise their accreditation policy and processes across the entire organisation. The result is enhanced security levels, streamlined processes and an overall increase in productivity.

Here’s how it works:

Unify accreditation standards and put it on autopilot at all your events

With Accredit MULTI, you can standardise the accreditation processes across your organisation so all teams and stadiums adhere to the same procedures, ensuring that everyone follows the same policy, processes and gets the same results: a safer event.

By using a platform that is familiar to everyone, major league sports teams and stadiums can also ensure everyone is working effortlessly together and they maintain the required standard. A platform utilised across a league, or a venue group leads to a harmonised experience for those requiring accreditation to attend a game or an event.

No more duplicate entries. No more lost or incomplete information. Quicker and easier accreditation through one centralised solution.

Managing various accreditation systems and processes can be complex and time-consuming, especially for federations and leagues who need to access their data across many different databases.

Until now, the only option was for each party to work separately with limited opportunities for integration and to cross share data. Accredit MULTI allows all parties to sit within one database, allowing for the cross sharing and re-use of data but at the same time offering a dedicated and isolated database portal for each team or stadium.

The platform allows for set standards and policies to be in place and met across a league or venue group whilst being flexible enough to take into account the needs of each team and stadium.

A simple solution for complex issues

Accredit MULTI provides a secure and transparent platform that all parties can trust. By using Accredit MULTI to centralise systems into one all-inclusive database you can save time and money by not having to re-invent the wheel. This translates to enhanced operational efficiencies, whilst providing you with more insight and control on how your game & event safety is handled from start to finish.

Is there a better way to do accreditation?

Responsible organisation Portals

Delegate responsibility for accreditation applications to stakeholder groups (internal/external), take the heavy lifting of data entry away, and ensure that all stakeholders and their staff are accredited without sacrificing security.

A highly customisable technology platform

Set-up multiple organizations, teams, games, stadiums, venues, events, all in one platform, to meet their individual needs, including customised designs, branding, privilege/access matrix, communications, forms, roles and access zones.

Powerful tools to speed up the application process

MULTI offers a variety of tools to help you speed up the application process:

  • Bulk import – including logic built in to prevent incomplete data entering the system
  • Bulk invitation emails
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Register from previous games functionality

Integrates with your existing systems:

Built to manage multiple integrations (staffing, scheduling, workforce etc.) across multiple venues. By integrating with your existing systems, we give you a smooth user experience without having to learn something new.

Scanning and Access Control

Barcodes, QR codes, RFID – Integrate with existing systems, including turnstiles and proximity card readers or use Accredit’s mobile access control module.

Benefit from integrations with RFID, NFC, mobile wallet (Android and Apple) or even facial recognition technologies

Simple, quick printing in house direct from the system

Supports unlimited badge designs – you can “output / print” to anything and reduce/remove the costs required when using an external printing provider/supplier.

We can help

After months in development, Accredit MULTI was built to address the needs of sports leagues, federations and venue groups who want to work together, share data and set the highest levels of accreditation  processes and security for their events.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Accredit MULTI can help your organisation, contact us at .

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