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Accredit Solutions launches advanced mobile access control solution (AMAC)

Accredit Solutions, part of the EAS Group have launched its newest advanced mobile web-enabled Access Control solution, rolled out for the start of the English cricket season.

Built for stadiums, tournaments, and major events that require remote scanning of accredited staff, contractors, and media, the Accredit Mobile Access Control solution (AMAC) offers an easy to use, portable access control solution that can be used on any connected mobile device.

AMAC offers an ideal solution for venues, stadiums, and grounds to operate scanning in points where there is no fixed access control, connecting directly with the Accredit platform to allow for real-time scanning, dealing with pass updates, and cancellations on the spot to prevent un-authorised access.

AMAC can work with barcodes or QR codes by using the camera on any mobile device or tablet or via a laser scanner connected to the mobile device.

With secure logins authorised users can quickly setup the application for the venue and pre-configured security areas and privileges to check for pass validity, zones/access level permissions, date and time restrictions in real-time.

AMAC is highly efficient, providing results in a matter of milliseconds and pulls through the relevant data including name, organisation, accreditation status, and photograph from the Accredit Platform and checks for pass validity. The results are presented in an easy to see green tick or red cross.

The administrator reporting suite enables accreditation, operational, and security teams to oversee people entering the venue in real-time, displaying the name, photo and in the case of denied entry, the reason for the pass not being permitted into that area.

Robert Morley, Technical Director, Accredit Solutions commented “We are very pleased with the launch of our latest access control product, AMAC is the culmination of best practices and features that we have developed over the last 12 years. Working together, AMAC and the Accredit platform provides the most secure accreditation access control solution available on the market today’’


Notes to editors:

Since 2002, the EAS Group has established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent and dynamic accreditation systems.

Accredit Solutions was born out of our experience of providing registration and event accreditation services for high-security projects. Over the past 15 years, Accredit has evolved rapidly and has built a reputation for prioritising major event, venue, and stadium security through effective accreditation.

Accredit offers a self-managed platform which offers users operational efficiency and the tools to confront and stay ahead of the latest security threats and is now the preferred choice for a wide range of major sporting events, stadiums and venues, as well government, political, and live events around the globe.

For media enquiries please contact: Nicola Greenaway-Fuller, Commercial Director, email: or telephone + 44 (0) 207 613 5890

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