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LONDON, UK, 22ND APRIL 2020: With more than 4 billion people, more than half of the world’s population, now under lockdown orders, governments around the world are turning their attention to the ways in which they might go about easing lockdown restrictions. The economic and social costs of lockdown are proving high, but the costs of a secondary infection crisis could be higher.  

Whether restrictions are lifted by age, industry, geographic area, or by the results of wide-spread anti-body testing, public health departments have an urgent need to collect and interrogate massive amounts of data.

“The Accredit Platform already offers the kind of functionality and API integrations needed for a project of this scale. We are extremely proud to be able to offer the Accredit Platform as a solution, and play a part in supporting governments get their populations back to work as safely and efficiently as possible.” Says Peder Berg, CEO of accreditation software specialists, Accredit Solutions.

The Accredit Platform has been built to collect and interrogate unlimited amounts of data, files and documents as a means of approving and producing accreditation access for high-security events and venues and has already been used by several governments for various state-sponsored events. Now it is being offered to public health departments looking for a way to collect and manage data from a variety of sources to model strategies for lifting lockdown restrictions, and identifying those individuals or groups of individuals safe to get back to work.

Utilising end-to-end encryption and fully GDPR-compliant, the Accredit Platform would act as a secure central data repository that an unlimited number of public sector departments, private-sector companies or individuals could feed into with data, files and documents. The Accredit platform could then produce a physical or electronic clearance certificate or permit to help identify those able to work.

“Producing software systems to manage large amounts of inbound data is what we do and what we have been doing for almost 20 years. Every organisation that has the means to support others during this crisis should do, so if we can help out, then we will,” Adds Berg.

In additional to government-led events in the UK and Ireland, the last 12 months has seen the Accredit Platform used by the ICC for last year’s Cricket World Cup, the TCS New York City Marathon, England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Cricket Australia, The BAFTA’s, BRIT Awards, London Fashion Week and several top Premier League teams. Accredit Solutions has offices in London, Dubai, Melbourne and the United States.


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Peder Berg
CEO, Accredit Solutions

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