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Celebrating Success and Supporting Tomorrow’s Event Leaders

It’s time to reflect on the great success of the major event Miami F1 Grand Prix. It was great to see Accredit play a part in the evolution of this event, seeing the planning and implementation come to life and managing the operational challenges an event of this scale can bring. It was also great to see another milestone in Lando Norris achieve his long-awaited first victory in Formula 1.

Beyond the roar of engines and the cheers of the crowds, the event also showcased an excellent initiative by Miami F1 organisers – their internship program. Interns at Miami F1 utilised a golden opportunity to witness and be a part of the complexities and dynamics of large-scale event operations. The interns in Miami were across everything from logistics to stakeholder management, customer service and was embedded in every department and their operations. Their involvement was invaluable, not only in practical terms but for experience and inspiration as a significant career catalyst.

From my perspective, their exposure to the accreditation process, understanding how accreditation works, seeing its impact on the event, and recognising the intricacies of managing different stakeholders provided these young professionals with a comprehensive view of how the Accreditation world works in event operations.

At Accredit, we see accreditation as one of the key foundations in the event world. This understanding is crucial for anyone looking to develop or implement security and operational efficiency into their environment. More importantly, it can be the key to build a career in events, and being an intern at major events like in Miami, offers a practical, first-hand experience of these processes in action.

While Accredit provides the technology and platform, we also see it as our responsibility to provide information on best practices and implementation on Accreditation in the event industry. We do this by sharing our extensive experience and knowledge with our clients and help them to grow and evolve their operations over time.

Here’s to the bright, promising future of those learning the ropes today. Together, we’re not just helping deliver major events; we’re building the knowledge base for the next generation of event management experts to come.

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