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A great security team can mean the difference between life and death. So the news last week that 400 security guards have been banned over alleged accreditation fraud in Australia whereby “false, forged and/or fraudulently obtained documentation” was used to obtain security licences is sending shivers down the spine of many venue operators and event organisers.

The security guards weren’t properly trained. They didn’t have the right references. Many were simply not fit for the job. Yet they were responsible for access control and crowd safety in some of Australia’s largest stadiums and venues.

It’s a stark reminder that the insider threat is a very real one.

In Australia at least, it looks like the security industry is about to be put under a microscope so now is the time to make sure your stadiums and sporting events are not at risk. Take the necessary steps to be confident you know exactly who the workers and temporary staff entering your venue are. Know they are legally allowed to work, have the necessary qualifications and are not suspected criminals or terrorists.

We hope that our recent whitepaper ‘How to Use Accreditation to Secure Your Venue and Events can help with this.

Produced with Chris Phillips, one of the world’s foremost experts on event security, the white paper is a candid and actionable report, giving you clear steps to improve security at your next event as well as a comprehensive security checklist to help you identify and reduce your vulnerabilities.

Please download your copy here.

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