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The accreditation process is there to protect venues and visitors. It ensures contractors have the right licenses and insurances. It prevents illegal workers and only allows the right people into the right spaces at the right times.

But the number of workers, contractors and volunteers who need access to a major event in addition to ticket holders can often run into the thousands. Doing the necessary background checks, collecting documentation, producing badges and controlling access for everyone at a large and complex venue can quickly turn into a labour-intensive challenge.

For anyone communicating with contractors via email, collecting staff registrations via spreadsheets, or manually uploading sets of data to badge printers, there comes a point when the number of people applying for access becomes unmanageable.

Here are our five top tips for stopping the overwhelming flow of emails, spreadsheets and badges requests.

  1. Empower contractors to do the hard work for you

Use a system that will let you set up an account for each of your contractors and empower them to import staff data, add personnel information, communicate with workers to request documents and control their own allocation of passes. No more spreadsheets via email and no manual sorting and filing of photos and documents.

  1. Use a central, secure database system

Collect, store and process all data, photos and documents on a secure central database. It will ensure your GDPR and data protection obligations are met, put the power of data at your fingertips and allow you to review, process and track every single credential request from a single secure environment.

  1. Automate communications via email

Reduce the need for manual intervention by automating communications via email and SMS to request, accept and reject accreditation documents and send reminders when documents are due to expire.

  1. Use a photo viewing tool

A photo viewing tool will allow you to review all submitted photos quickly to approve, reject, or edit directly for a quick fix.

  1. Integrate existing hardware

Use accreditation software that can integrate with your existing badge printers and access control systems. No need to spend money on new equipment and no need to spend time getting data out of one system and into another.

This is what great accreditation software should do. And built with 15 years of experience, this is what the Accredit Solutions platform does. The last 12 months has seen the Accredit platform process over 2 million accreditations by some of the best known stadiums, sporting and live events in the world including premier league football clubs, Rugby Football Union, London Fashion Week, BRIT Awards, BAFTAs, New Zealand Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, The Royal British Legion, International Cricket Council and many more.

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