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How Accredit Solutions Support Clubs and Stadiums

Managing the security and accreditation of staff and contractors within a large and complex venue, such as a stadium, can be a daunting task. The importance of thorough vetting and control measures cannot be overstated, especially with the potential security risks and legal consequences associated with inadequate personnel checks.

Accredit Solutions has extensive global experience in providing venues and clubs with the most intuitive and world-class Accreditation system, designed to streamline the accreditation process, reduce security risks, and enhance operational efficiency for clubs and stadiums worldwide.

The effectiveness of the Accredit Solutions system has been demonstrated at iconic stadiums across the globe, including iconic venues like Wembley, Emirates Stadium, SoFi Stadium, Craven Cottage, Etihad Stadium, Met Life Stadium, Kardinia Park, and Twickenham Stadium to name just a few. The platform’s success is rooted in its adaptability to venues of all sizes, from small boutique locations to the largest stadiums hosting major global events.

What does ‘Fast and Effective Secure Accreditation’ mean to Clubs and Stadiums:
Accredits streamlined accreditation process minimises the time and effort required to process staff, contractors, officials, and media personnel. Stadiums have reported a significant reduction in accreditation processing time, from a couple of days to just a few hours.

Decentralised Accreditation Workload:
Delegate accreditation responsibilities to each department or stakeholder. Departments confirm their personnel, upload relevant details, and provide supporting documents and photos via dedicated portals.

Centralised approval process for increased efficiency.
Pre-set Access Rights and Restrictions:
Simplify tracking and management of individuals within specific areas.
Assign pre-set access rights and restrictions based on roles to ensure seamless navigation during events.

Clear Process for Stakeholders:
Provide a clear and automated process for staff, contractors, officials, and media.
Utilise instructional information or induction videos to communicate necessary details and protocols.

Invitations and Notifications:
Request necessary information from staff, including eligibility to work and health-related details.
Send detailed instructions, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed about procedures and requirements.

Clear Instructions Before Each Event:
Minimise information requests by providing comprehensive details pre-arrival.
Include approved areas, arrival times, and contact information for a seamless experience.

Flexibility and Adaptability:
Ensure the system is flexible enough to adapt to new regulations promptly.
Stay confident with the ability to focus on other critical areas, knowing that the accreditation system can adjust to changing circumstances.

Accredit Solutions stands at the forefront of revolutionising the accreditation process for clubs and stadiums. By implementing a centralised and efficient system, venues can enhance security, reduce processing times, and ensure compliance with evolving regulations. This comprehensive approach allows venues and clubs to focus on delivering memorable events while setting levels of personal security and maintaining the highest standards of safety.

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