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Accredit Solutions became the official accreditation provider at this year’s BRIT Awards and proved they’re more than up to the challenge. In a series of firsts for the music and entertainment sector, Accredit Solutions provided accreditation for nearly 4,000 staff and crew at the event. They ensured the tightest personnel clearance measures the industry has seen, at a time they need it the most.

The 38th edition of The BRIT Awards was held on 21 February 2018 at the O2 arena London, attended by over 20,000 fans and celebrities. Accredit Solutions provided accreditation for all artists, security, production staff and TV crew.

This new partnership with The BRITs marks an exciting new direction for Accredit Solutions, who have worked predominantly with sports stadium clients up to this point. The success of the event will open up a huge sector for Accredit. Their clear, comprehensive solution could provide much needed enhanced security for a sector with mounting clearance needs.

In a time of international uncertainty, the need for airtight security at major music and entertainment events has never been more prominent. Following the bombing at Manchester Arena, large music and entertainment events have demand a higher level of security and personnel clearance than ever before.

The team behind The BRITs wanted to step up their accreditation for this year to ensure the utmost safety of their event. Using the Accredit Solutions system made this year’s BRIT Awards safer, smoother and more efficient. At the same time, it helped ensure all personal data and documents involved complied to new data regulations, ahead of the new GDPR laws.

The BRIT Awards presented a huge logistical and security challenge for Accredit Solutions. They required accreditation for a wide variety of staff and crew with a range of access needs, with the flexibility to add and change names in real-time.

Accredit were able to perform more accreditation checks to staff and issue more accreditation passes than any previous BRIT Awards.

For the first time ever, security passes included photo ID, an anti-counterfeiting hologram and highlighted restricted zones. This allowed for enhanced security checkpoints and a much more efficient checkpoint flow.

In addition, mobile access control was used to perform random spot checks on accreditation passes, to validate entry to restricted zones.

The team behind The BRITs were extremely satisfied with the smooth-running event and look forward to continuing their partnership with Accredit Solutions for years to come. Accredit are excited to grow their involvement with The BRITs and look forward to providing enhanced accreditation services for more events in the music and entertainments sector.

“Working with Accredit couldn’t have been easier. They have a highly sophisticated accreditation platform which is second to none, and helped us to enhance our accreditation process at The BRITs, offering efficient, higher level security checks and verification to streamline our processes whilst mitigating against the risk of potential threats that staff or others may have posed to our event.

Throughout the consultation phase Accredit worked tirelessly to ensure that the system met our unique set of criteria and requirements and continued to work alongside us throughout the registration phase, all the way to supporting The BRIT Awards onsite at the O2. We used a range of inbuilt security features including Accredit’s mobile access control app. However, as their system is fully scalable we still have a lot of additional features that we can take advantage of when working with the team again for 2019.” Adrian Carter, Event Manager, The BRIT Awards.

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Accredit Solutions is a secure centralised system for all those working within accreditation for events or venues. The self-managed multi-lingual solution features a wide range of advanced, intelligent features which set it apart from other accreditation systems on the market. Their services are becoming the preferred choice for a wide range of sporting, entertainment and political events.

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