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With Australia striving for the promised land of a COVID-free existence, Cricket Australia’s bio-security team were tasked with keeping stadiums safe in 2020/21 for their domestic, international and Big Bash seasons.

The challenge

  • Cricket Australia expected over 10,000 pre-approved accreditations for their upcoming season
  • Due to COVID-19, additional screening data needed to be collected and assessed for all accredited personnel
  • They needed a mechanism to collect fresh data, re-approve everyone who passed the screening questions and control who was now allowed to enter a venue

The solution

Accredit Solutions, in our third year of working with Cricket Australia, has worked with the team to harness our existing technology to overcome the operational challenges they faced, and help them confidently plan for a new kind of event season.

This 2-step process allowed the accreditation procedure to proceed as normal, whilst electronically storing, assessing, controlling and reporting on daily access requirements

The process was successfully implemented into the full 2020-21 Men and Women’s International seasons and was a fundamental part of Cricket Australia’s accreditation process managing over 22,000 approved entries.

The daily health questionnnaire is just one tool available to those clients now using Accredit-GO; pandemic response and health tracking software that has been awarded a substantial grant by the UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund to help sports clubs, venues and live events operate in a safe and sustainable manner.

Developed as an extension of our award-winning accreditation platform, those using the software can now ensure their staff and contractors are safe to be in their workspace by inviting them to submit medical and travel information before they attend shifts; submit health passports or vaccination certificates; implement dynamic rules to assess risk, automate entry permissions and e-passes; manage capacities by controlling access; and implement track and trace by recording exactly who, where and when, someone has been in their space.

Accredit has developed a sophisticated process of personalised QR codes that allowed accredited team members to provide their daily health information. This data is automatically assessed before providing a daily entry barcode via text message and email that would grant them entry into a stadium. Following the submission of the health questionnaire, the user would receive the entry bar-code within seconds if their screening questions passed the assessment.

See how Accredit’s daily health questionnaire works by watching this one minute video

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