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Event accreditation shouldn’t just be about printing badges. Done correctly, it can transform how you operate your event to make it safe, secure, legal and far more efficient. You may ask yourself, how do you accomplish that? Below we run through how to take your accreditation to the next level through 7 steps.

Get everyone in fast

Staff, contractors, volunteers, performers, media… You know exactly who has been approved for entry into your venue or event and when they have access. You have your set up to allow for rapid printing of badges and quick scanning to process everyone into the venue. You can easily track who has entered and who hasn’t turned up, giving you complete visibility.

Improve contractor management and save time

Gone are the days of compiling databases of staff from contractors. And gone is the risk of trusting they are legal and qualified to be in your venue. A good accreditation system will allow you to set up an account for each contractor, empower them to add staff details, control their allocation of passes and submit required documents to a secure and centralised database system for security and accreditation teams to approve or reject as well as print passes.

Automate communications and empty your inbox

Your accreditation system is now a template-based communications module, freeing up your inbox and dramatically reducing your administrative burden. You can now automate the invitation, acceptance or rejection of accreditation applications and document submissions, send personalised emails or SMS messages to selected groups, and set up reminder alerts when important documents are due to expire.

Stay legal

Use the accreditation process to collect ID, visa documentation and licenses to ensure all workers are legally allowed to work and avoid fines for employing illegal workers. And keep on the right side of GDPR laws by collecting and storing personal data on a secure system that can encrypt sensitive information and protect software from unauthorised access.

Improve security

You have a duty of care to protect members of the public from terrorists and provide a safe and secure environment for staff and workers. A good accreditation system and procedure will ensure that all workers, volunteers and media are legal and safe to be there. It will allow you to assign security levels for groups and individuals, confirm access zone privileges and produce badges with this information clearly visible. Scan badges or check details every time someone needs to access a secure zone to ensure only persons with valid permits are allowed access.

Manage the media like a pro

Firstly, ask the media to complete an online accreditation form and submit the documents you need to confirm their eligibility for a media pass as well as gather any information on what requirements they may have onsite. Then confirm restricted areas for media – these areas need to be clearly defined, signposted and controlled by the security team. It’s not just about controlling the movement of media, but protecting them from external threats so they can carry out their job safely. And don’t email or post out badges in advance, this opens up the possibility of them landing on the wrong desk or being forged. Set up a dedicated media desk at the event and make sure the media know where and when to collect their badges.

Streamline vehicle access

Use an accreditation system that can control which vehicles your applicants can bring into the venue to streamline your vehicle access and car parking system. Relevant applicants should be able to apply for vehicle passes and register vehicle details, leaving you to approve or reject applications and assign appropriate access levels and load/unload times as well as car parking zones and access.

What to know more? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to talk through how to maximise the set-up of your accreditation process.


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