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The universal use of vaccine passports to prove immunity against COVID-19 may seem like a pipedream. But right now, the WHO has a working group dedicated to establishing global standards for digital vaccination certificates, and just last week, it was reported that a coalition of tech firms and health organisations (including Microsoft, Oracle, and the Mayo Clinic) were working together to get digital vaccination certificates onto people’s smart phones as a way to prove their safe return to work, events and travel.

There is no doubt that vaccine passports could be the ‘way back’ for sporting fixtures and live events, so having the ability to collect, store and use this data to their advantage should be something all venue operators, event organisers and sports clubs are planning for.

Back in November 2020, Accredit Solutions was awarded a grant by the UK governments’ Sustainable Innovation Fund to complete development of Accredit-GO; pandemic response and health tracking software that sports clubs, venues and live events around the world, can use to operate in a safe and sustainable manner.

Built as an extension of Accredit’s award-winning accreditation platform, a key component of Accredit-GO is the ability for users to submit medical information and vaccination certificates as part of the accreditation process. Dynamic rules automate the analysis of this data, before assigning entry permissions and entry passes.

Whether it be a negative test result, immunity certificate or proof of vaccination, this information can all be clearly presented on someone’s accreditation badge or e-badge via an icon, stamp or code.

With governments around the world starting to indicate that they are looking at ways to roll-out digital vaccination certificates, and some airlines having already stated that their customers will more than likely need to provide proof of vaccination in the near future, it seems clear that major events should be playing by the same rules to prove they can keep their workforce and visitors safe.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be reading this in New Zealand, your stadiums, exhibition centres, theatres, arenas and festival sites are probably closed. Or perhaps operating at a limited capacity, or fixtures are taking place behind closed doors.

Are vaccination passports the route to re-opening? Probably, yes.

The aggressive roll-out of vaccines is the current strategy of governments right around the world to unlock people’s lives, and get economies onto a path of recovery.

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