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The amount of pressure on the host of a major event to get it right is phenomenal. Years are spent bidding to hold an international event and the cost of doing so is eye-watering. The world’s media never stop watching. It has to impress, it has to run smoothly, and the legacy has to be very real.

The Olympic Games in Rio included 34 competition venues and 10,000 athletes. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was hosted across 11 venues, with more than half of the global population watching the final in Moscow. And Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to welcome 25 million visitors over a period of 173 days.

The operational challenge for mega events like this is extraordinary. We’re talking about software solutions for travel and accommodation management, workforce scheduling and volunteer management, human resource platforms, accreditation and access control, security checks, ticketing…to name a few.

So how is it done properly?

We see major events turning their back on ‘jack-of-all-trade’ conglomerates in favour of a collection of collaborative ‘best-in-class’ suppliers.

And this is why.

There is no one company in the world, who can successfully supply software and hardware solutions across every aspect of complex event operations to the standard that is now required to quite frankly, not only ‘pull it off’ but to excel in every area of delivery.

Delivering successful events of such scale is only achievable with the highest level of collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation that is available by contracting best-in-class providers.

An off-the-shelf system is no longer sufficient. To deliver the level of innovation that enhances event operations and improves the visitor experience, organisers need a broader range of resources and expertise. They want to work with companies who are experienced enough to be the voice of authority on a given subject, and they deserve suppliers who are agile enough to develop products to produce a seamless customer journey.

The pool of incredible knowledge and experience that is available to organisers who adopt this approach is remarkable. The industry’s best minds and technologies, coming together and integrating to produce the perfect solution.

And such collaboration is a wonderful experience. As a supplier we have had the opportunity to make a real difference with our knowledge, develop integrations with a multitude of other tech providers, work alongside world-class experts across all fields of operational excellence, and been pushed to innovate like never before.

The result for us is an award-winning accreditation platform that has been used on 322 major events in the first six months of this year alone.

A big thank you to our clients for pushing us to be the best.

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