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Whilst coronavirus has temporarily derailed many major sports leagues around the world, the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep players fit, train for upcoming games and maintain facilities continues. Many teams have opted to operate a ‘training bubble’ of top tier staff and players to create a COVID-safe environment for a core team of people that need regular access to their training centre and closed-door games.

But to work, this bubble needs protecting. We have all seen how match schedules and team selections can easily unravel with the return of a few positive COVID-19 test results.

So in recent weeks, we have been expanding our work with several clients to help them protect their training centre bubble by installing a basic, but robust accreditation procedure at these facilities. Those in charge of these training centres can now confidently protect the health of players and top tier staff by recording who is in their space, issuing access badges, and controlling access to keep that bubble secure.

Clients are using a suite of COVID-19 tools that is helping them to: 

  • Collect data – using accreditation forms to collect data on personnel, travel history, COVID-19 symptoms, medical information and test results to restrict entry for those that pose a health risk and identify those who are vulnerable and should be shielding.
  • Manage new capacities – manage social distancing by controlling where and when people are allowed into your facility.
  • Track and trace – record who has been where and when – vital if someone tests positive and they need to trace those they have been in close contact with.
  • The safety, security and operational benefits of an accreditation procedure should be available to facilities of all sizes, so Accredit Solutions has recently launched a range of accreditation packages to suit smaller venues and budgets.

We love talking accreditation, so I’d welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and recent experiences with clients in the USA, UK and Australia on ways to protect these facilities so that you can re-start events and open venues with confidence.

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