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A Pioneering Moment in Cricket: The T20 World Cup’s American Debut

This June, the cricket world watches with anticipation as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup makes its debut appearance in the United States. This landmark event signifies a major expansion of cricket into a new geographical area.

In the past, Accredit and I have had the privilege of working in Accreditation with the ICC over many years with involvement in Cricket World Cups in both formats for Men and Women from 2017, 2019, 2022 and now here in 2024. We have covered several regions like England & Wales, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies so it’s great to add the United States to the growing list.

This T20 World Cup is unique as it is being delivered simultaneously in both the United States and the West Indies. Purpose built venues and stakeholders have been brought from around the globe to play a key part in delivering what is major milestone for cricket.

Our knowledge and experience are critical in streamlining the processes and procedures in Accreditation. Through our sophisticated system we are able to manage all tournament stakeholders across nine different territories in two countries at the same time. The implementation and delivery showcase the capabilities and flexibility of the Accredit platform, streamlining the registration requirements across different groups and removing the time consuming admin activities for regions that do not often have access to such technology. This approach allows our users of the system to focus on other critical areas ahead of and during the event. If you want to learn more on how our platform has delivered accreditation across multiple regions check out our collaboration with Cricket West Indies in our detailed case study here.

Last month, I mentioned how a major event like Miami F1 was able to put a focus on the younger generation that are up and coming in the world of events. (Click here for last months update) provide the opportunity for the existing event professionals of all levels to get involved in a global event and showcase the range of skills required to work and deliver in such environments.

At Accredit, we pride ourselves in working with the best event professionals out there, whether that is through or with our clients or through the event professionals that we bring on board to deliver an event like the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup. We take pride in utilizing their experience and knowledge and in turn leading as an example in the way we operate and in turn we make sure the world can see just how much they do to be the top event professionals they are on the greatest of stages.

Event professionals exposure to our platform builds experience and knowledge on a better way of working in Accreditation which they will go on to take into new environments, enhance their skills, and grow the mindset toward the common goal of delivering safe and secure events.

We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, here’s to making every event a success and the professional growth of those involved in making these international gatherings exemplary.

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