The Team

The Team

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Peder Berg
CEO & Founder
Mark Elliott
COO & Founder
Robert Morley  
Technical Director
& Founder
Nicola Greenaway-

Managing Director
Mark Anderson
Product & Senior
Account Managerr
Nicholas Graham
Client Support Manager
Mark Wright
Key Account Manager 
Australia | New Zealand
Amy Robin
Account Manager
Sneha Shenoy
Account Manager
Callum Green 
Project Manager
Rebecca McConnell 
Marketing Manager
Simon Phillips
Business Development Director
Chris Philips
Security Advisor

And our wonderful development team...

NunoMiranda.jpg Andre.jpg Joao.jpg
Zélia Silva
Project Manager
Nuno Miranda
Senior Developer
André Cavalheiro
Senior Developer
João Gil
Mario.jpg JoseLopes.jpg BrunoRodrigues.jpg  
Mário Borginho
José Lopes
Development Tester
Bruno Rodrigues
Development Tester