Necessary Cookies Policy

The Accredit platform, for its services delivered online, uses cookies (for example, to distinguish you from other users of the platform, for each time you access it).

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites which that you visit. They are widely utilized to make websites work, or work more efficiently, and to improve the user experience, as well as to provide certain information to the owners of the site.

The Accredit Platform operates with strictly necessary cookies, which is a type of cookie that is used to enable the website to function properly. Without these necessary cookies the platform would not work. This type of cookie does not collect any personally identifiable information about you and does not track your browsing habits. Nor is it used for marketing or data analytics purposes.

Accredit’s necessary cookies policy logs your acceptance within the platform, but is anonymous and is not tied to an individual user record. We record your IP address, the URL of the page you were on when you accepted the cookies, your browser, the date and time of your acceptance, and the value of the cookie.

Which cookies we use

Detailed below are the cookies we use and for what means:

Cookie Name  Description 
.Accredit-SS  This is a session cookie that is used to specify the session state identification used by the application.  

Note. The cookie name can vary from one site to another and may include the name of the site and the word live or uat depending on the type of site.  

For example .Accredit-SANDBOX-live-SS

_RequestVerificationToken  This is a session cookie that is an anti-forgery cookie set by web applications built using ASP.NET MVC technologies  
.Accredit  This is a session cookie used to persist the identity of the user within the session to allow them to remain logged in. Note. The name of this cookie may vary from one client to another.  

For example .Sandbox 

_cookieacceptance  Persistant cookie used to indicate the user has acknowledged the cookie prompt for the site.   
Culture  This will use a two character code to indicate the users chosen culture within the system and be used to determine which language the site will be shown in to the user. 

Control of cookies

Web browsers allow you to exercise some control of cookies through the browser settings. Most browsers enable you to block cookies or to block cookies from sites. Please note the use of the Accredit Application depends on the necessary cookies and therefore they need to be accepted in order to maintain optimised performance and functionality.