The award-winning Accredit platform is the world’s most intelligent and trusted accreditation software on the market today. Events of all sizes need to be safe and secure. And now more than ever, you need to know who is in your space at all times. So whether you need fundamental tools for registration and accreditation badge printing, or elite level requirements such as security vetting or use of an Application Program Interface (API), we have an accreditation platform to suit your needs. View our platform packages here or request an online demo


Electronic Access Control

Accredit's Electronic Access Control is a fully mobile solution deisnged to work in all areas of your stadium or venue regardless of connectivity issues. Incorporated within the design is the ability to scan multiple types of badges including QR code, Barcode and RFID allowing you to get an instanteous result on each individual's status to enter. More information or send us a quick enquiry.


Accredit Media

A front-facing platform for media accreditation, this dedicated portal can be easily added to your website and gives members of the media broadcasters and photographers the ability to submit all of the information needed to apply for a media badge - keeping all of your applications and supporting documents secure in a single system and allowing your team to accept or reject applications, request more information, set access controls, and produce secure and zoned photo badges. More information or request an online demo.


Accredit 365

Is your facility secure 365 days of the year? Accredit 365 is the latest software platform developed by Accredit Solutions that for the first time, gives venue operators and facilities managers a highly efficient way to log maintenance jobs, appoint contractors, collect relevant documentation such as licenses and certificates, process accreditation and control the secure movement of workers and staff 365 days of the year. More information or request an online demo.


The Accreditation Audit

The Accreditation Audit is an objective evaluation of a company’s accreditation process and is designed to help an organisation understand the impact of their current practices on security, safety and operational efficiency. The outcome is a written report by one of our accreditation specialists and will highlight any areas for improvement to ensure that future procedures are following best-practice guidelines. More information or send us a quick enquiry.